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Your menu will probably be on the home page of your website and can look like buttons, or a list. Inside Joomla your menu will be given a name, eg Main Menu, Top Menu. It is important to know the name of the Menu you want to use. For this example I am using ‘Main Menu’


Login to the Administration section of your website (backend)

From the Menus option Select Main Menu

Create a menu link 1

You are now in the Menu Item Manager. Click on the New button at the top right of the screen

You are creating a menu link to an Article, so click on Articles from the Select Menu Item Type list Create a menu link 2

The list will expand


Click on Article Layout

Create a Menu Link
Give the link a Title, and then click the Select button to select the Article you are linking
Create a Menu Link 4
The title you enter will be the one shown on the actual link (or button)
Click Save
When you have saved your Link you can alter the order the links are placed on the page by using the arrows in the 'Order' column
Create a Menu Link


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