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The content on your website is created in Articles; if your website has more than just a few pages the Articles which feed these pages will be sorted in Sections and Categories, pill Articles which are not placed in Sections/Categories are stored ‘Uncategorised’.


Login to the Administration section of your website

Select Article Manager

Joomla Article Manager Icon

You will see a list of all the Article in your Website

Click on New (top right of your page)

Joomla New Icon

The main area of your screen will look like this:

Joomla New Article Zoom

Please note: This example has more tools than the standard Joomla 1.5 setup as I have installed the JCE editor

Enter your information in the corresponding fields

Title The name of your Article
Alias Leave blank
Section Select Section OR Uncategorised
Published Select ‘Yes’ if you want your Article to be seen
Front Page Select ‘Yes’ if you want your Article to appear on the front page of your website
Category Select Category OR Uncategorised
Main Body Type your Article content in here using the tools to format your text
Remember to Save often using the save icon at the top of the page and always Save before exiting Joomla Save Icon


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