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The answer to ‘What are the best web designs?’ is a controversial subject as there are many factors it can be judged on, side effects however it is often asked when referring to website cost, rx usability, navigation and/or traffic ratings.

What are the best web designs to keep my costs to a minimum?

More and more often I feel it is not which designs you should choose, but which designer! I am constantly amazed by some of the prices being charged by website design companies. If you are looking to keep your costs down try finding a small company, possibly someone who works from home, they will have far less overheads than the larger companies and could have just as many skills. There are many skilled individuals out there that prefer to be self-employed and have setup successful companies as sole traders. Look through their portfolios to see the work they have done.

Rozegarden offers website designs from as little as £149.00. It does not compromise on the skill involved in creating the design or the usability of the website, what it does do is give the client a chance to do some of the work themselves. If the client can supply the content (text) and images, it not only saves the designer time, it ensures content is tailored to the client’s need, after all, the client is the one who is the expert in his own trade!

What are the best web designs for visitor usability and navigation?

A simple website design with good user-friendly navigation will always be the preferred choice for visitors. Users like to see the purpose of your website as soon as it opens and to be able to navigate easily to the information and services they require.

What are the best web designs to get traffic to your website?

If you want lots of traffic to your website put something on it users want to see! What do you know about your trade that you can share? What is it that sets your service apart from the rest? Are there any sub-sections of your business that seem really popular, for example if you are a wedding dress retailer and customers keep asking for plus size dresses, have a page on your website devoted to these with clear headings.



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