E-commerce Website Design

E-commerce Website DesignE-commerce is the term used to describe the buying and selling of products or services electronically (on the Web). E-commerce websites are becoming more and more popular for the smaller business and individuals who wish to make their first steps into the world of selling. In our uncertain financial climate many individuals are looking to e-commerce to provide a second income, selling anything from homemade items like jewellery to items shipped in bulk from other countries (drop-shipping).

An E-commerce Website can be as large or small as you want it to be; as prices in hosting and design reduce, e-commerce websites are no longer limited to the large retailers, they are now a cost effective way of operating any commercial venture, yet the facilities offered enables easy control of multiple transactions and customer service.

The features of an E-commerce Website include:

  • Shopping basket - Ordering and payments eg PayPal and Integrated Banking
  • Postage Options - Shipping costs can be based on price, weight, destination
  • Stock Control - You can keep track of stock levels
  • Order confirmation - Customers will be automatically emailed
  • Web Interface - Allows you to enter product details and upload images
  • Cross selling - Link products together to encourage purchase of related items
  • Vouchers & Coupons - Create vouchers and coupons for promotional purposes
  • Reviews - Allows customers to add product reviews
  • Bestsellers - Automatically list the best selling products on your website
  • "Tell a friend" - Allows your customers to spread the word about your site
  • Customer Records - Shopping cart remembers customers details for their return visits.

There is no obligation to use all of the features above, many may simply be 'turned off' to give you an e-commerce website which offers only the facilities you want to use.

IT Skills

You will need to be able to update your catalogue. This will involve you resizing, cropping and uploading images, writing product descriptions, creating categories and responding to e-mail queries and orders. Funds will be credited to either your PayPal or chosen bank account and you will need to login to transfer or refund payments as needed.

You are welcome to use our FREE tutorials to help you with the administration of your website and if you need help we do operate a Website Administration Service were we can update your website for you.

More information:

To promote a special offer consider a Microsite Design
If your product range is fairly static you could consider a Brochure Style Website.
Want to display your products but not sell online consider a Catalogue Style Website.


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