There are different ways of taking payments over the Internet which can be incorporated into your E-commerce Website Design.

PayPal is a good, secure tried and tested method. As there are no initial outlay costs it is an ideal place to begin a new venture and even if you intend to offer an Integrated Banking payment system using PayPal as an additional method will broaden your cutomer base

The advantages of using PayPal are:
  • PayPal provide their own security level at no extra cost
  • Many internet users already have a PayPal account
  • Payments can be taken by credit card even if the customer does not have a PayPal account
  • Customers don't have to register with PayPal
  • PayPal fees are charged per transaction, so if you don't sell anything you won't have to pay!
  • You download money into your bank with an easy to use interface.

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Examples of E-commerce Websites with PayPal Payments

Colombia Childcare UK, Hull Hand Knitting Patterns Rosie Ross Handmade Dolls Seaton Ross York Fabulous Holiday Homes
Colombia Childcare UK, Hull Hand Knitting Patterns
Rosie Ross, Seaton Ross, York
Fabulous Holiday Homes


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