Small Business Web Site Design

Good Small Business Web Site Design can make a big difference to how you are perceived by your customers and more importantly help you reach new businesses and clients you haven’t been able to before.

Small Business Web Sites are relatively inexpensive, cheap to update (you can even do that yourself) and allow you to compete with far bigger businesses on a level playing field, after all no one can see how big or small yours or your rivals business is through a web site.

What type of web site can a small business have?

Many small businesses wish to gain a competitive edge anԁ grow their business by owning a web site, the type of web site they should have depends upon their individual need. Small business are often very different from the larger corporations in the they specialise in a specific area, for example ‘home made cup-cakes’ or a stationer specialising in personalised diaries.

Starting small is probably the best option for most businesses until they find their feet on the web, but a good small business web site design should be scalable and fairly future proof so if you wanted to add a shop, a forum or just expand your website it shouldn't’t require a major redesign.

If you are a small business and you want to sell your products online there is no reason why you shouldn't start your online venture with an e-commerce web site, having a website built on a CMS (Content Management System) like Joomla, allows websites to be created with minimal cost and the software is easy to learn and use, you will be updating your products in no-time.

Owning a web site with a classy, simple design will encompasses all ends of the market. Much has been discussed about pitching your business to the right income level, bargain price business having a low rent appeal and expensive looking web site putting buyers off, this is like deliberately making yourself look cheap, and who on earth would want to do that? If you already have a business you undoubtedly already have an image and it is better to keep your design in-keeping with who you are than trying to be something you are not.

As for search engine presence, they rate web sites on their content, they do not give higher rankings to websites with more images, and in-fact can’t read any code written in flash, so paying extra for these is not going to give you higher rankings. The simpler sites load faster and the more your web site is optimised for your specific business terms the better it will do in the rankings.

How much will a small business web site cost?

When designing a web site for a small business you have to take into account that the owner probably has a fixed budged and is limited on time to spend on developing and maintaining the web site.

Contrary to popular opinion you don’t have to spend vast amounts of money on a web site and you don't have to sacrifice on quality. You could start with a small site and expand it later if you wanted. Once your web site is launched it doesn't have to remain static, if you begin to stock a new product and want to advertise it, add a page to your web site. You can either do this yourself as you will be given all the log-in details to your web site, or Rozegarden offer a Website Administration Service so we could do it for you. Take a look at our Price List now, where else could you change your advertisements with instant results for such little cost?

When you consider the market you can reach with a small business web site design and the money it can save you in printing alone I’m not sure you can afford to be without one.


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